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No music! Army vs. UFO (1942; Los Angeles). Captured on Film w/CBS Radio Report of Battle.

1942 footage and radio report of "Battle of Los Angeles" synchronized to Byron Palmer's detailed account of the UFO incident witnessed by a million people on 26 February in sky over southern California. There were a minimum 1430 artillery rounds Discover A Lot More

LA vs NY

We asked people from New York for their impressions of people from L.A. and vice versa. Spoiler alert: they weren’t that flattering. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: Watch the latest Halloween Candy Prank: Watch Discover A Lot More

Los Angeles Driving Tour 2017: Large Celebrity Homes in the Hills and Fancy Fashion Shops

Los Angeles Driving Tour 2017 In this video you can see a gated community with celebrity homes in the Hills above the city of Beverly Hills and then it takes you through the ungated public roads with less impressive homes to actual shopping streets Discover A Lot More

Singapore Attractions | Travel Guide in 2 Minutes | Map Inside Video

Singapore Attractions | Travel Guide in 2 Minutes is the Video #7 of the first YouTube travel channel and vacation guide with the map inside video. Do you want to see more incredible sensations? ◑ Subscribe here: WHOLE Discover A Lot More

Leading Tax Group Beverly Hills Office (Los Angeles Tax Attorneys rated #1 in the country!)

Leading Tax Group is a premier collective of experienced Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, Paralegals, CPAs and support staff. Leading Tax Group is the #1 Tax Resolution Firm in the Country! Our focused mission is to provide impeccable service and Discover A Lot More