Locksmith SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – Be Found On Google, Yahoo or Bing

Locksmith SEO is marketing without a page 1 position on Google is like opening a lock without a key. This video touch. (For more visit http://1st4biz.org/locksmith-SEO ).
You may have the best website but it needs to be found on internet searches and in the UK this is Google. Though it is worth also to be ranked on the others such as Yahoo and Bing.
The first thing to do with Search Engine Ranking is to choose the keywords that you want to be ranked for. The easiest way of doing this is to ask your friends shat they would search for on Google if they were locked out of their house or car. The more advanced way is to use the Google keyword tool. Subscribe to our channel 1st4BIZ as I will be doing a webinar on how to use this tool shortly.
The key ones are
Locksmith TOWN and TOWN Locksmith e.g. Locksmith London or Guildford or Surrey or East London or Camden. The word to use for Town is important – so use your local knowledge.
SERVICES TOWN is another group of keywords to use. So go through all the types of services you offer. So whether you offer safes, alarms, car locks, shutters etc. you should try to be ranked for these.
It is not Bloggs Locksmith – you want to be found by people who do not know your business.
You now need to know where your website is ranked for your keywords. You must not use any computer that uses your website as Google remembers this through cookies and will give you a far higher ranking. I have known sites on page 9 for a keyword being at top of page 1 on peoples computer. Though it is possible to clear Google etc. the best way is to use Rank Checker on Firefox browser. It is free and allows you to regularly check all your keywords in one go. Highly recommended – I did not have enough money to buy the company but I do use it.
There are two elements of getting high search engine ranking positions (SERP).
1. Your website
2. Links to your website.

The first one, your website needs to be optimised for your keywords. Typically keep your keyword frequency to 1% but use as many related words (Latent Semantic Indexing – LSI) so that Google can be sure what your pages are about. You want people to stay on your website (yes Google measures this) so videos are great, images as well. There is additional information that can be added to each page which gives a meta description that the search engines also use. Your website developed should have showed you how you can add this.
The other bit is to get links to your website. This is a measure of the authority of the website, the better quality links and number of links from related sites is important. An easy way to start is to develop some social media sites which are important for other reasons like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter – when set up put links back to your main website pages.
The more difficult is to find related websites – about houses, cars, alarms, security, your TOWN etc. Then ask them whether they can provide a link back to your site. Most of your suppliers will do this for you as it is to their advantage. Others might ask you to right a short article with the link.
Take your time with the links, Google does not like to see all the links coming at once.
We have a book that you can purchase on one of our websites if you want more advice and tips.
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