What does a search engine optimized webpage look like? (Inbound Certification Course – Class 2.3)

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In this video, we’ll take a look at a company called AnswerDash to see what a successfully optimized page looks like.

AnswerDash is a venture-backed company that provides instant answers to common questions, right on a company’s website. In effect, this cuts down on the number of customer support calls. Visitors can click on anything they have questions about, and AnswerDash will display the frequently asked questions and answers for them. And if visitors can’t find the answers they need, they can ask a new question.

As a startup, AnswerDash wanted to achieve two important goals: to develop a website optimized for generating leads and to acquire 100 customers within their first six months.

By creating an optimized website, they saw a: 60% increase in monthly leads, 55% increase in social media traffic, and a 10% increase in website traffic. All within the first 2 months.

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