WON’s Back In Time-KTTV-TV Fox 11 Los Angeles Classic 1978-1995 Intros, Promos & Bumpers

Welcome to another installment of WON-TV’s Back In Time. This is series which goes back in to a time period when TV was good….This installment focuses on KTTV Fox 11 Los Angeles..from Movies to Sports to News. Includes some unseen intros and promos.

1-KTTV 11 Station ID 1986
2-KTTV Special Presentation Intro
3-KTTV Busting Promo 1982
4-KTTV Miss California Pageant Promo 1986
5-KTTV Krull (2 Promos) 1990
6-Fox’s Women In Prison Promo 1987
7-Fox’sLate Show with Joan Rivers Promo 1987
8-KTTV’s The Mo Show promo 1993
9-KTTV Community Calendar 1993
10-KTTV The Wonder Years Promo 1991
11-KTTV Shogun Promo 1986
12-KTTV Movie 11 1986 Intro
13-KTTV Saturday Night Movie Outro 1987
14-KTTV Prime Movie 11 Intro 1987

Fox 11 Sports
1-KTTV Sports Presentation Intro 1991
2-KTTV Dodgers Intro 1991
3-KTTV Dodgers Intro 1990
4-KTTV Dodgers Intro 1983
5-KTTV Dodgers Vs Giants Promo 1992
6-KTTV Sports Wrap Promo 1988

All media is used under Section 107 of the Fair Usage USA Copyright Act, as well as the Compilation and News Reports sections of the USA Copyright Act. All videos are for the enjoyment of the viewer. No Copyright Infringement Intended against KTTV-TV, MLB, Dodgers, and Fox Television Stations Group.

Fox 11 News
1-KTTV News Promo 1978
2-KTTV News Promo 1982
3-KTTV Fox News Promo 1990
4-KTTV Fox News Intro 1995

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